Application for Lump-sum Refund or Lump-sum Death Payment

  • 작성자 : 창의인재교육과(Ga Young Byun)
  • 작성일 : 2024-02-01
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▶ Required documents

- Applying in Korea (before departing Korea):

Application form, a copy of your ID card (passport & Alien Registration Card), a copy of your bankbook, a copy of your plane ticket, etc.


- Applying overseas (after departing Korea):

Application form (notarized from a notary agency of the country in which you reside and attested to by the Korean Consulate or Embassy)

② A copy of your passport

③ A copy of your bankbook

※ When you apply for a lump-sum refund through an agent in Korea, the application must be submitted only by mail in order to avoid extra administration fees and incorrect or false applications.


▶Contact Place: Regional offices of the National Pension Service ( ⇒ Regional Offices)​

                              **DO NOT GO TO THEIR HEADQUARTER OFFICE. The service is not available there

                                 visit their branch pension offices in your area.

[Pension]ApplicationforLump-sumRefundorLump-sumDeathPayment.pdf (172 kb)